place yourself in a quiet room with nothing but a dim light
sink into a comfortable sitting position
it doesn’t matter if you are in a chair, on the floor, or in your bed
just as long as you are sitting upright

if you're susceptible to mind control, you really should stop reading this
but if you're susceptible to mind control, you'll continue reading this anyway

place your hands in your lap and take a deep breath in
as you exhale, let your eyelids become heavy
keep note of the sensations in your body:
the weight of your arms
the pressure of the seat beneath you
perhaps you feel a cold breeze across the back of your neck
or the silky soft tendrils of a spirit embracing your body

continue to breathe, placing your focus on your breath
imagine an orb of light sitting in the center of your chest
you can move this light up or down
and you can move it as slowly as you wish

allow the light to sink down to your toes
when you're ready, let the light drift upward
first past the ankles, and then the knees
then up your legs and into your stomach
and back into you chest

move the light to the center of your head
imagine that your head is an empty glass jar
with beams of light projecting outward

suspended in the middle of that jar
in the center of the glowing orb
is a hungry rat

it whispers
just relax
and enjoy this pleasant adventure
here you are, secure and protected
in this, your special place

if you listen closely, you can hear my voice
let it flow into your mind
just gently as you go
suggestions are going into your unconscious mind